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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a A77 4Track

This Refurbishment was for an Revox A77 Medium Speed 4 Track MKIII machine a client purchased from Ebay. As with anything purchased "Sight Unseen" there can be problems - this machine being a prime example!
The Client lives abroad - so the original owner sent the machine in its' original packing down to me at the purchasers request. It came with an original Perspex cover which travelled well by courier too.
As you can see from the pictures - the case is a bit of a mess. The machine was full of cobwebs - did not work at all - and was in a very sorry state for something described on Ebay as 'in working order'. The heads are the most problematic on this machine as after cleaning they have proved to be very worn indeed - the flats are not straight but angled (the heads were miss-aligned by someone in the machines' history and have worn unevenly).
My client will have to decide on the purchase of new heads as these may well prove impossible to bring back to a Good Sounding Life.

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