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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a Ampex ATR 102

This lovely 1 inch 2 track machine caught fire in a studio and filled the building with accrid smoke.
The Capstan Motor went into hyper-drive and frightened the owner to bits.
Under the top panel - good old 2N3055 power transistors shorted out.
Bad design from Ampex!
The 3055 Emmitter Resistors were hiding right in the middle of the machine - huge wirewounds which you cannot get to without removing 50% of the machine. The wirewounds had got hot when the transistors went short and burnt the loom close by!!
Seperately, 2 cracked resistors were spotted and replaced along with some big old R22 0.1R resistors which looked 'Cooked'.
Once I found out how to 'Engage' the machine with the tape loaded - a soak test and wonderful sounds - All OK now.
The owner has agreed to have a full Re-Cap and Setup later-on (he is too busy using it at the moment) which will be featured here as and when.

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