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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a CalRecRack

This Refurbishment was for 4 x Calrec PQ1549 and 6 x Calrec PQ1347-1 Mic amps with EQ.
The Rack PSU was the first thing to look at - it was running very hot - on inspection it turned out to be a home made multi-voltage PSU made on Vero-Card!
Nothing wrong with the components - so 12 Volt Papst Fans fitted - Rubber feet ordered - this unit sits on a desk in the studio right next to the main computer desk so venting the heat out of the bottom grill is essential.
All modules re-Capped with Electrolytics (gone are those horrid Tantalums) and each unit fine tuned to an equal 0dB I/O level by installing an additional cermet pot in the input chain.
All of these units sound GREAT now - I prefer the PQ1549s though .... they have a lot more bite!

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