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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a SoundMastering A810 5507

Sound Mastering.Com's Studer A810 2 track work-horse 7 1/2 and 15 ips machine.
This machine had an Allen Key and paperclips inside along with an un-believable amount of tape spoil.
Only used as a playback machine - a myriad of PSU capacitor replacements.
You'll notice the heavy tape spoil on the heads and pinch roller. The Company will get a can of ISO Prop and a toothbrush as part of their "running repair" kit when I deliver their machines!
All mechanics now done - fitted many new Electrolytics throughout and the dreaded 0.47uF "Catch Fire Caps" - new Ram Battery for the Computer Ram.
Setup was from scratch as the RAM was not backed up. Tensions all set - azimuths checked - setups all done - nice sounding machine!
Slightly cleaner than when brought in and WORKING properly now.

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