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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a SoundMastering A810 Bridge 3029

Sound Mastering.Com's Studer A810 2 track 4 speed (3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15 and 30 ips) machine with Bridge Meters.
This machine has been looked at previously by another engineer and written off as unrepairable!
It had 23 editing razor blades inside along with an un-believable amount of tape spoil!
It looked as though it had been in a damp storage area for a long time and needed immense blowing out with the compressor and 4 cans of Iso Prop to clean the chassis and components.
Tacho unit had 2 burnt out resistors and 2 shorted Rifa Electrylics causing the problem.
Nice butterfly heads were discovered once cleaned. All mechanics now done - fitted many new Electrolytics throughout and the dreaded 0.47uF "Catch Fire Caps" - new Ram Battery for the Computer Ram.
The poor old MPU card was deamed a write off - but 4 hours of care and attention, new Eprom sockets, new Eproms to be coded from the other A810 should make this machine a runner once again. Extra sockets and logic chips replaced that were mouldy - Eproms coded - logic and transport now working!!!
Mini switches re-set to correct positions for the 4 speed version - final setups saved to RAM - what a lovely sounding machine!

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