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Displaying Photos for the Repair of a Studer A80 2Track

This 1/4 inch machine was collected from a cafe in London - being used as a table for the coffee dispensing machine!!!!!
It has been dropped down some stairs at one stage in its' history - first thing to do strip it down.
The capstan motor protective tray has collected coffee and the motor bell housing has had to be replaced for obvious reasons.
Chassis now cleaned - Rifa caps replaced to avoid the usual explosions - Motor tensions a mile out - all good now.
Bulbs replaced - cal biased push button switches need replacing as they are totally intermittent even after cleaning! I've got some nice mini biased toggles coming for that purpose
Trouble with the 5Volt rails was caused by tired bridge rectifiers - and smoothing caps.
The bridge LH Channel caused major problems in Record burning out control feed resistors - finally diagnosed to a faulty FET and BC160.
Everything recalibrated - PERFECT!!!!!
It's going to be used in a studio in Bournemouth now.

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