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ReelAudio Workbench MKI A77 B77 PR99 MK1 A77 Repairs B77
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Welcome to the www.ReelAudio.Co.UK / Baldwin HiFi Site
This site gives information about the Superb Revox Analogue Family of Tape Recorders.
Other Brand Machines will also be included as time allows.
The 'Revox Family' include the first transistorised Revox - the A77 - 4 Marks with Dolby available on MKIII and MKIV
The first audio chipped Revox - the B77 - cmos logic control too!!
The fulcrum point for Revox was the PR99 which the BBC took to its' heart. Lots of different versions of the ASC machines - but our favourite - the 'fully stacked' non modified unit!

ReelAudio in the South is also Repairing/Servicing/Refurbishing a plethora of Analogue Studio and Domestic Machines.
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A new FaceBook forum (Analogue Audio Repairs) has been made for all you guys to discuss your Hi Fi problems - Please ask to join the group -
this will be monitored daily so any silly postings will be deleted - be warned!
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aldwinHiFi.Solutions Hand Built Analogue Audio Equipment
As an electronics engineer from the old school, Paul Baldwin - the initiator of ReelAudio (2004) and Baldwin HiFi (2014) - yet still sweeping up - works with professionals to design and build Specialised Equipment for Customers not found elsewhere.

Baldwin HiFi MB4309 Meter Bridge in Action

Click Here for Details of this Special Monitor Bridge
Baldwin HiFi New Concept Active/Passive PreAmplifier Pre-4309T3
each tape machine can record any of the sources - all at the same time - Bi Amp Outputs too!
Click Here for Details of this Special Dedicated Tape Deck PreAmplifier

New Innovative Products designed & Hand Built in West Sussex include:

PASSIVE & ACTIVE PreAmplifier Setups and Discussion
External AC and DC Mini Power Supplies - Discussion

Hi-Fi PASSIVE & ACTIVE mini PreAmplifier Headphones & RIAA PA2205
Mini Hi-Fi PASSIVE PreAmplifier P3S
Active Hi-Fi PreAmplifier A2205
PASSIVE PreAmplifier with VU Meters & Headphones PRM1
PASSIVE & ACTIVE PreAmplifier with VU Meters & Headphones & RIAA - PARM1

NEW!!! Full PRODUCTS Listing on One Page (with links to descriptions & Feedback)
P3S Passive Attenuator/PreAmp
MB2205 PreAmp to Power Amp Meter Bridge
TMSU2307 5 way Tape Recorder Comparitor
Old School Hi-Fi Power Amplifiers built to Order - 405C, L10 and 'The Beast'
Power Amplifier Review - Baldwin (Quad) 405C

IBIZA New HiFi Club (Petit Pereyra - Talamanca) Construction Photos

Amplifier & Speaker A/B Switch - Valve Amps & Solid State - 800 Watts switching
Baldwin HiFi Hoodie Battery Powered RIAA MM PreAmplifier

Baldwin HiFi RIAA Equaliser
30VA Low Noise Analogue DC PSU

Baldwin HiFi 30VA Regulated DC PSU
30VA Low Noise Vernier Turntable Control DC PSU

Baldwin HiFi 30VA TurnTable DC PSU
50VA Low Noise Analogue DC PSU

Baldwin HiFi 50VA Regulated DC PSU
Passive/Active PreAmplifier Pre-4306. EVERYTHING you need in one.

Baldwin HiFi PRE4306 PreAmplifier
2 x 120Watts RMS + 2 x 350Watts RMS Bi-Wire Power Amplifier BW4309. Can be for Bi-Wiring Speakers or Quadraphonic Use.

Baldwin HiFi BW4309 Bi-Amp Power Amplifier
Replacement Internal Power Supply for Soundcraft Mixers (S-S2006A-05 & S-S2006A-06))
Replacement Internal Power Supply for Soundcraft MPM & M Series Mixers (S-S2006A-06))
Guitar Effects Pedals Off-Stage 6 channel adjustable Linear Low Noise DC Power Supply with On-Stage Stomp Distributor Box
Built-in Volt Meter!!! Connection via single 10Amp Umbillical HD cable - almost any length you like. Call Paul for details
Studer A101 OP Amp Chip Replacement Module.
Sports Car Engine Temperature Control Systems
Sports Car Engine Tacho / Rev Counter Pulse Voltage Converter
Studio High Power Headphone Sharers
Studio Stereo Balance Line to UnBalanced Converter
L10 with PreAmplifier Quad 405 Clone Amplifier Passive & Active PreAmplifier Custom High Power Power Supplies Replacement PSU for Soundcraft Mixers Custom Specialised Design & Builds Studio Headphone Sharers
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