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The Home for Vintage Analogue Tape Recorder and Specialist Repairs Information
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Welcome to the www.ReelAudio.Co.UK / BaldwinHiFi.Co.UK / BaldwinHiFi.Solutions Site
This site gives information about the Superb Revox Analogue Family of Tape Recorders.
Other Brand Machines will also be included as time allows.
The 'Revox Family' include the first transistorised Revox - the A77 - 4 Marks with Dolby available on MKIII and MKIV
The first audio chipped Revox - the B77 - cmos logic control too!!
The fulcrum point for Revox was the PR99 which the BBC took to its' heart. Lots of different versions of the ASC machines - but our favourite - the 'fully stacked' non modified unit!

ReelAudio in the South has now ceased repairs to Tape machines to concentrate on amplifier manufacture.

GDPR Rules of Privacy: This Site does not store any Emails or personal details whatsoever.

aldwinHiFi.Solutions Hand Built Analogue Audio Equipment
As an electronics engineer from the old school, Paul Baldwin - the initiator of ReelAudio (2004) and Baldwin HiFi (2014) - yet still sweeping up - works with professionals to design and build Specialised Equipment for Customers not found elsewhere.
Baldwin HiFi - all circuit boards are designed and built in-house (over 100 different, proven circuit board solutions held in stock), alloy panels CNC'd in-house, all alloy panel engraving is now undertaken in-house too with a new huge 100 Watt Laser Etching machine.
A big investment, yet, the clarity of etch pays for itself. Baldwin HiFi Products now also have CE Accreditation too. Quality throughout.
September 2020:
Just to let everyone know - my suppliers of components and parts in China and Hong Kong are now - after a prolonged delay period - still trading while the Fedex and UPS aircraft are still flying.
I have built up stocks to allow the manufacture of specialised Power Amps, PreAmps, Power Supplies, switching units etc - so working from home during the Corona Virus problems will not affect anything you need especially built in the HiFi world.
All CNC, Laser Engraving and board manufacture - are undertaken within the workshop where even the wife is not allowed in to clean up.
Indeed if you too are "working from home" you may have more time to assess your HiFi systems and consider improvements that I am able to produce from stock within a week!
Business as usual from Baldwin HiFi delivered by Parcelforce in the UK and DHL to the rest of the World.
Revox Repairs (Bring it to Sussex) are now also possible with Social DISTANCING in the workshop.
Keep safe everyone!
NEW The Baldwin HiFi SP4 1707 Loudspeaker switchbox.
If you have a transistor style Power Amplifier you will know that too many loudspeakers plugged in at the same time will cause that amplifer to overheat and blow up.
The new SP4 (also available in an 8 way version) uses loudspeaker crossover technology to enable you to listen to as many loudspeaker sets as you like without affecting the frequency range available. The amplifier will 'see' a fixed impedance of Spkr set 1 or the dummy load only.
Listen to set 1 (directly coupled) and/or switch in up to 3 more sets (DeCoupled) at the same time to tune your system to the room acoustics as you need without the fear of blowing your power amplifier up. 20Hz-20kHz audio is passed without interference.
It can also,of course, be used as a Speaker comparitor too.
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NEW The Baldwin HiFi MMRIAA-B1005 External RIAA and Bluetooth PreAmplifier.
Mains powered - a self contained MM RIAA Turntable PreAmplifier.
This unit also includes a switchable Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver so that your phone can take charge too!
RIAA input impedance = 47kOhms, output impedance = 47kOhms, Input Sensitivity = 2-3mV, Output = 700mV. A super mains powered RIAA designed to bring out all the traits of your MM Cartridge.
The Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver is very sensitive - up to 30 metres!
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NEW The Baldwin HiFi Bal2Two Balanced to UnBallanced (and Vise Versa) PreAmplifier.
This is a new product which has Line level XLR and RCA/Phono Stereo Inputs plus Line level Stereo XLR and RCA/Phono Outputs. You may switch between the XLR and RCA Inputs - to drive switchable XLR and RCA Outputs. So - 4 in and out switches - total Control.
This is a proper Phono/RCA IN and Balanced In to Phono/RCA Out and Balanced out. Switchable between all combinations.
It also features 1/4" stereo headphone Out and 3.5mm jack out too with it's own control, Meters, Mono/Stereo switch, Output negate.
Complex - NO-ONE else makes such a switchable device.
It employs a triple dual gang potentiometer as part of the control system - real Old School.
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This Utube clip was made by my Client Yvon in France - shows some of the kit he now has - all his other hi-end Pre / Power Amps now replaced with Baldwin HiFi custom equipy designed & produced in a West Sussex shed.

Baldwin HiFi Specialist Comparators, PreAmplifier Extenders and Distribution Units Technical Information

A new FaceBook forum (Baldwin HiFi & ReelAudio) has been made for all you guys to discuss your Hi Fi problems - Please ask to join the group - this will be monitored daily so any silly postings will be deleted - be warned! {Click Here} to join in on Facebook
New Innovative Products designed & Hand Built in West Sussex include:

PASSIVE & ACTIVE PreAmplifier Setups and Discussion
External AC and DC Mini Power Supplies - Discussion

Full PRODUCTS Listing on One Page (with links to descriptions & Feedback)
PP1707 Passive PreAmplifier
APP1707 Active and Passive PreAmplifier
HP1005 Dedicated Headphone Amplifier In/Out Phonos + MP3 3.5mm Jack sockets on Rear
Old School Hi-Fi Power Amplifiers built to Order - 405C, L10 and 'The Beast'
Power Amplifier Review - Baldwin HiFi 405C

Baldwin HiFi 405cINT and L10Int INTEGRATED Power Amplifier Concept. No PreAmp Required!! Many options.
Click Here for Full Information
405c and L10 Integrated Amplifier Front
405c and L10 Integrated Amplifier Rear
Baldwin HiFi Concept Integrated Power Amplifier.

Baldwin HiFi MBGT90 4309 Meter Bridge Stack.
Click Here for Full Information or better still give Paul a call on the Telephone number in the header above to discuss.
Baldwin HiFi MBGT90 4309 Meter Bridge Stack. The T90 Large Meter PreAmplifier and Power Amplifiers

IBIZA New HiFi Club (Petit Pereyra - Talamanca) Construction Photos

Amplifier & Speaker A/B Switch - Valve Amps & Solid State - 800 Watts switching
Battery Powered RIAA MM PreAmplifier
30VA Low Noise Analogue DC PSU

30VA Low Noise Vernier Single Output Turntable Control DC PSU
50VA Low Noise Analogue DC PSU
Passive/Active PreAmplifier Pre-4307. EVERYTHING you need in one.

2 x 120Watts RMS + 2 x 350Watts RMS Bi-Wire Power Amplifier BW4309. Can be for Bi-Wiring Speakers or Quadraphonic Use.

Studer A101 OP Amp Chip Replacement Module.
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